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Dr. Barry Grossman offers many cosmetic procedures to his patients including dental implants and crowns. The doctor and his staff serve residents from all over the New York City, including Mill Basin, Brooklyn, New York.

Dental Implants

When are Dental Implants Recommended?

Dental implants involve placing a small metal rod into the jaw bone and attaching a porcelain or ceramic crown on top to take the place of a missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants are recommended for patients who have generally healthy teeth but have lost one or more teeth due to damage or decay. Once a tooth is missing, those on either side of the gap may attempt to shift into its space. When this occurs, the patient's bite pattern may be adversely affected, causing their jaw to be shifted unnaturally. Dental implants act as an abutment or stopping point, preventing the teeth on either side from shifting out of place.

Are Dental Implants Meant to be Permanent?

In most cases, dental implants are designed to become a permanent structure within the mouth. A small hole is drilled into the jaw bone and the metal post is placed inside it. As the bone heals, it attaches to the metal post, holding it in place and permanently securing it. Once the bone has remodeled around the post, it will not be able to shift or move unless the jaw bone is broken. Because dental implants are primarily recommended for individuals who have generally healthy teeth, the goal is to provide the patient with a permanent solution to the problem. Dental implants can also be implanted if the patient chooses a "snap-on" type of denture where both plates snap onto the posts for a more secure fit.

How do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are used as a means to maintain a patient's original bite pattern and protect the jaw from damage once a tooth or teeth have been lost. A small metal rod or post is placed into a tiny hole that has been drilled or impressed into the jaw bone. With the post firmly implanted, the jaw bone begins to heal around it, holding it securely in place. Once the area has sufficiently healed, a crown made of dental grade porcelain or ceramic. The crown is used to create the look of a full set of teeth. The fake tooth is created to look exactly like the other teeth located in the mouth. They are the same color and size so that no one will be able to tell whether or not it is real or fake.

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