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Barry J. Grossman, DDS

Cosmetic Dentist & Restorative Dentist located in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, NY

New York residents who live in and around the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY can visit the office of Dr. Barry Grossman if they are in need of any type of cosmetic dentistry procedures. The doctor and his staff specialize in the manufacture of many dental appliances including dentures and partials.


Do Dentures Ever Need to be Replaced?

In most cases, one set of dentures can last a person several years, sometimes even decades. As a person ages, however, the tissues in the mouth begin to change. The gums may shrink causing the dentures to become loose or shift. When dentures no longer fit properly, abrasions, lesions, and blisters may begin to appear. This can lead to infections and other health issues that may have an impact on the rest of the body. Dentures may be able to be refitted, but if the change is too drastic, the resizing will not be effective. Having a new set of dentures made will ensure proper fit preventing any future discomfort or irritation to the gums and other soft tissues.

What is a Partial Denture?

A partial plate is created when several teeth are lost in one more than one area of the mouth. Partials are normally considered when the other teeth that remain in the mouth are healthy and remain undamaged. Partials are convenient options for individuals who do not want to undergo the dental implant process. They are painless and require no surgery or any other type of procedure that involves anesthesia. A partial is easily removed for cleaning and is treated in much the same way as full denture only without the loss of all of the teeth in the area. Partials are often more affordable than an implant procedure. The main drawback is the cost of replacing the appliance if it is lost or broken.

When Should Dentures be Considered?

A person should consider dentures when the overall condition of their teeth becomes so severe that it has a dramatic impact on the rest of their health. Broken or decaying teeth will make it difficult to chew food properly. This can cause the digestive system to become sluggish. If the damage to the teeth is severe enough to cause widespread infection in the mouth, it may eventually spread to the rest of the body. Without the proper nutrition, the immune system can become depressed. When an infection takes hold in the mouth, it does not take long for it to travel throughout the body. Removing the damaged teeth and replacing them with dentures, ensures proper digestion and eliminates the cause for many types of infections.

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