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For patients In and around the greater New York City area needing help, Dr. Barry Grossman is a board-certified dentist and oral surgeon who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. With the doctor's many years of experience, he is capable of accurately diagnosing and treating various types of gum disease and how it affects the body.

Gum Disease

What are the First Signs of Gum Disease?

Gum disease may not exhibit any signs at all in the beginning. Over time, the tissues may become overly sensitive, bleeding whenever the teeth are brushed or floss. The gums may start to discolor or small black spots may begin to appear. As the condition worsens, blisters and lesions may begin to appear. Over time, the gums may begin to recede, showing more and more of the base of the tooth. If not treated, the gums can recede to the point where the teeth may become loose, either allowing them to shift or fall out. Treating gum disease in the earliest stages prevents damage to the teeth and also reduces the risk of other health problems throughout the body.

Can Gum Disease be an Indication of Other Health Issues?

The gums are an excellent indicator for other health problems throughout the body. Diabetes and heart disease both have a dramatic effect on the body's circulatory system. When a person's gums begin to turn gray or white, it is an indication that they are not getting enough freshly oxygenated blood. Gums and soft tissues in the mouth that become easily infected may indicate a depressed immune system caused by an auto-immune disorder or an infection that has not been sufficiently treated. A visit to the dentist may be the first indicator that a patient has significant health issues, aside from problems with their teeth.

How is Gum Disease Treated?

Gum disease is treated according to the cause. Gum disease that is the result of poor oral hygiene may be reversed if proper care is provided. If an infection is present, the dentist may recommend the use of an anti-bacterial mouthwash as well as an oral antibiotic that addresses the problem internally. Gum disease that is caused by other health conditions found in the body, like heart disease and diabetes, will normally correct itself when the other conditions are addressed. Treating the conditions so that normal blood flow is restored will allow the gums and other tissues to receive the nutrients they need to remain healthy and disease free.

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