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Barry J. Grossman, DDS

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Patients in the New York City are encouraged to visit Dr. Barry Grossman and his staff for all of their cosmetic dentistry needs at their Mill Basin, Brooklyn office. The doctor and his staff offer a variety of appliances and devices, including the Invisalign® trays for straightening teeth.


How Does the Invisalign® System Work?

The Invisalign® system works by using a series of plastic trays that are designed to snap onto the teeth, producing a gradual change in their alignment and position. Each tray is made slightly different from the one used before it. This method allows the teeth to be moved very slowly and without the use of restrictive appliances. The plastic trays can be worn at home or while a person is sleeping. They can be easily removed so the teeth can be brushed and the appliance thoroughly cleaned. The trays can also be removed if the person must speak or appear in public. The clear plastic makes the trays almost undetectable while they are in place.

How Long Does the Invisalign® System Take to Work?

Much like with traditional braces, the Invisalign® system can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to make the necessary changes in the alignment of the teeth. Each tray is worn for two to four weeks, depending on how the teeth and tissues adapt to each change. The length of time needed to complete the treatment plan will depend on how severe the patient's alignment problems are. A person with minimal issues may only need one year's worth of trays to be able to achieve the desired results. If a person's alignment requires extensive changes, the treatment plan may need to be lengthened to make sure the proper results are achieved.

How Many Trays are Needed?

The number of Invisalign® trays that are needed for a specific treatment plan will depend on the nature of the changes and how severe they are. With one tray being used for two to four weeks, the number of trays for a 24-month treatment program would be 36 to 48. If the teeth shift and begin to maintain their position rather quickly, the trays will only be needed for the shortest amount of time. If something happens that prevents the teeth from shifting, the trays may need to be worn for longer periods. The dentist will closely monitor the patient's progress and determine when the trays should be changed.

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